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More dates being added!

More dates being added!

Portrait of the harshness of the abruptly changing world we live in
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Josie Long stars in this mumblecore rom-com meets socio-political drama as romance obsessed young librarian who thinks she has found her perfect match. Her friends disapprove of her three date whirlwind romance but they are more concerned with the political turmoil of the country, which leads to a right wing coup. Exhilarating, topical and also deeply alarming Super November is a wake up call and an ambitious breakthrough for director Douglas King and screenwriter Josie Long.


Producer, Director, Editor / Douglas King
Writer / Josie Long
Director of Photography / Andrew O'Connor

Starring / 

Josie Long, Sean Biggerstaff, James Allenby-Kirk, Darren Osborne, Christopher Forbes, Janey Godley, Jamie Marie Leary, Simon Weir, Matt Winning, Shabana Bakhsh



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